The Artificial Erection Test: A Point of Practice

  • Rees, R, Kelly, N, Sahdev, V
  • Kelly, N, Sahdev, V, Rees, R
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Kelly, N, Sahdev, V, Rees, R

Key Words

Peyronies; erection; curvature.


The artificial erection test is an important step in the operative management of penile curvature to guide the surgical correction technique. While there are many descriptions of techniques to correct the curvature, little is mentioned about how the erection is generated. Indeed, only a single paper describes a technique published in 2011. We present a modification of that technique.

The patient is prepared in the standard manner and a 17-gauge butterfly needle is inserted through the glans into the corpora. Instead of using multiple filled syringes of saline to generate the erection, our modification utilises a MULTI-AD® Fluid Dispensing System, which is a closed system with one-way valve and automatic spring-return plunger connected to a bag of saline, allowing a one-handed instillation of saline to generate an erection.

This technique has been used successfully in over 300 penile curvature cases without complication or significant additional expense.

The use of this closed system device presents a modification on the previous published artificial erection test procedure, and could be easily adopted by other centres.



We would like to thank the assistance from our theatre nursing colleagues.


None of the authors have a financial relationship with B.Braun.


Kayes O, Crisp N, McLoughlin J. Artificial erection in Peyronie's disease surgery. Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2011 Sep;93(6):486-7. doi: 10.1308/rcsann.2011.93.6.486b. PMID: 21929922; PMCID: PMC3369338

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