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Welcome to the Video Journal of Sexual Medicine (VJSM), a comprehensive library dedicated to advancing the field of sexual medicine through a rich collection of educational videos. Our repository encompasses a diverse range of content, with a particular emphasis on prosthetic urology and other specialized areas within sexual medicine.

We continually strive to update our collection with groundbreaking content and encourage you to revisit often to explore the latest submissions. For a seamless and enriching experience, we offer four refined features to optimize your navigation through our extensive library.

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When you open “peer reviewed videos” you will be greeted with our most recent additions, enabling regular visitors to stay abreast of the latest advancements with ease.

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Should you seek information on specific topics such as reservoir placement, simply input your desired subject into the search bar to view all related videos available in our archive. Once you find a video that aligns with your interests, a single click will allow you to view it.

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For those who prefer to explore the breadth of our collection, the category feature provides an exhaustive index of topics. Choose a category that intrigues you to reveal a selection of related videos available for viewing.

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