Tactra Malleable Implant in Patient Post Fournier’s Gangrene

  • Van Renterghem, K., Ward, S
  • Van Renterghem, K, Ward, S
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Van Renterghem, K, Ward, S

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In this video we present the case of a 61 year old diabetic patient who suffered from a severe Fournier’s gangrene 7 years before. He was also until recently a heavy smoker with 1 package per day. He underwent multiple surgeries in another hospital, resulting in absence of scrotum, penile shaft skin graft and very crooked penis. MRI revealed absence and hypoplastic nature of the crural part of the corpora cavernosa on both sides.

The surgery was performed through a vertical incision on the raphe of the penis.Control on the urethra was attained by using a babcock clamp. The corporotomies were executed on both sides, as customary corportomies are longer and more distal than usually in inflatable penile implant surgery. Dilating was carried out with Brooks dilators up to size 11. Measurement proximal and distal was on both sides 7 cm, resulting in a 14 cm Tactra implant with diameter 9,5. The rod has to be cut to the correct size taking care to protect the proximal end with a rear tip extender. Total operating time skin to skin was 25 minutes.



This video has been financially supported by Boston Scientific Company.


Consultant for Boston Scientific; Rigicon and Coloplast.


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