Lower Fat Pad Excision Combined with Infrapubic or Penoscrotal Penile Prosthesis Insertion

  • Raheem, O.A., Kocjancic, E., Alkassis, M, Guimarães, P
  • Raheem, O, Alkassis, M, Guimarães, P, Kocjancic, E
  • VJSM 2023 1: 004
  • 06:50



Raheem, O, Alkassis, M, Guimarães, P, Kocjancic, E

Key Words

Obesity, erectile dysfunction, fat pad excision, inflatable penile prosthesis


This is the case of two obese patients suffering from erectile dysfunction refractory to medical treatment. The excess of lower fat pad can mask the penis even in its erect state. This step-by-step surgical video presents a therapeutic solution for both the erectile dysfunction and the excess fat pad using two different approaches for the insertion of the penile prosthesis. Our aim is to provide high quality virtual and technique guide to both urologic trainees and practicing urologists. Both approaches provide excellent functional and aesthetic result

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