Excision of Scrotal Paget Disease and Scrotoplasty with Rotational Flap

  • Shaeer, K., Raheem, O.A., Kocjancic, E., Alkassis, M, Nusbaum, D
  • Shekar, A, Nusbaum, D, Alkassis, M, Raheem, O.A., Kocjancic, E
  • VJSM 2024 1:049
  • 05:18



Shekar, A, Nusbaum, D, Alkassis, M, Raheem, O.A., Kocjancic, E

Key Words

Extramammary paget disease, scrotoplasty


Extramammary paget disease is a rare intraepithelial adenocarcinoma of sites bearing apocrine glands.1 This condition often affects the scrotum, vulva, and perianal areas and these patients can be referred to urology for treatment.2 Given the rarity of the disease, urologists may be unfamiliar with the management of these patients. In this video, we demonstrate the workup of extramammary paget disease of the scrotum and the surgical technique for wide local excision of the disease. We also demonstrate closure of the scrotal incision utilizing a local rotational flap and scrotoplasty. We hope this video will aid urologists in treating this rare scrotal neoplasm.



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