Corporoplasty Technique for Repair of Impending Distal Cylinder Erosion: A Novel Technique

  • Levine, L., Desouky, E,, Pearson, M, Ioos, D
  • Levine, L, Desouky, E, Pearson, M, Ioos, D
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Levine, L, Desouky, E, Pearson, M, Ioos, D

Key Words

Corporoplasty Technique for Repair of Impending Distal Cylinder Erosion


In case of corporal tunica albuginea (TA) attenuation that threatens distal penile

implant erosion, the surgeon faces a challenging situation of adequate corporal

repair to maintain integrity of the local tissues as well as avoiding risk of infection

and recurrent tissue breakdown after repair. A variety of techniques for corporplasty

have been previously described including Mulcahy corporoplasty, biological cap and

corporal reconstruction utilizing a range of autologous and synthetic materials. This

video demonstrates a novel approach for distal corporal tip repair using a biological

filler i.e. processed cadaveric human pericardium (Tutoplast®, Coloplast US,

Minneapolis, MN), placed into the glans space distal to the TA defect to fill the space

before reconstructing the TA to reduce the risk of re-erosion. Other biological fillers

are noted



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