Aspiration and Sclerotherapy for Hydrocele

  • Levine, L., Desouky, E,, Ioos, D, Heck, L
  • Levine, L, Desouky, E, Heck, L, Ioos, D
  • VJSM 2024 1: 069
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Levine, L, Desouky, E, Heck, L, Ioos, D

Key Words

Aspiration Sclerotherapy, Hydrocele


Aspiration and sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used in the

treatment of hydrocele. This procedure involves draining the fluid from the

hydrocele sac using a needle and injecting a sclerosing agent i.e. Doxycycline, to

induce scarring and prevent fluid re-accumulation. Although surgical removal has

traditionally been viewed as the primary definitive solution for cases resistant to

conservative care, numerous patients prefer to circumvent or are ineligible for

surgical procedures. Consequently, minimally invasive non-surgical methods like

aspiration and sclerotherapy present a feasible alternative for appropriately

chosen patients. This video demonstrates the technique and tips for success.



1. Brockman S, Roadman D, Bajic P, Levine LA. Aspiration and

Sclerotherapy: A Minimally Invasive Treatment for Hydroceles and

Spermatoceles. Urology. 2022 Jun;164:273-277

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